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In 1981, after graduate school, I moved to the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY. Starting from a bench in the parsonage basement, I moved my shop/studio up to a chicken coop and from there to an 1850's sash and blind mill. I call this 30'x30'x30' building the Brick Cube.  I call my now fully equiped studio The Flying Chair Corps.  In my one man shop I design and make unique things, one at a time.  Wood is the primary material, combined often with found objects, recycled materials: metal, plastic, rubber, leather, etc.. 

I hope that the things I make are useful, beautiful, well built and lasting.  Their use may be peculiar, idiosyncratic (ie. not very useful) but my goal is that they start their lives fully functional and well finished so that they will have a long service life and survive to earn their patina.

Store Front Gallery Exhibit


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